Fiverr Pro vs. Fiverr: Which Is Better for Freelancers?

For freelancers seeking to showcase their skills and offer their services to a global audience, Fiverr and Fiverr Pro present two distinct opportunities. Fiverr Pro is a premium service within the Fiverr platform, designed for highly skilled professionals. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the differences between Fiverr and Fiverr Pro to help freelancers make an informed choice about which platform suits their goals and aspirations.

1: Fiverr – The Freelancer’s Marketplace

1.1 An Introduction to Fiverr

  • Fiverr is a renowned online marketplace that connects freelancers with clients seeking various services.
  • The gig-based system allows freelancers to offer a wide range of services, from graphic design to programming.

1.2 Key Features of Fiverr

  • Open Marketplace: Fiverr is open to freelancers with varying skill levels, offering opportunities for both newcomers and seasoned professionals.
  • Seller Levels: Fiverr categorizes sellers based on performance, with Top-Rated Sellers gaining more visibility and trust.

2: Fiverr Pro – The Premium Freelancing Experience

2.1 An Introduction to Fiverr Pro

  • Fiverr Pro is a premium service within the Fiverr platform, dedicated to highly skilled professionals.
  • Freelancers on Fiverr Pro are carefully vetted and must meet specific criteria to qualify.

2.2 Key Features of Fiverr Pro

  • High-Quality Services: Fiverr Pro is known for its high-quality freelancers who have proven expertise in their fields.
  • Exclusivity: Access to Fiverr Pro is by invitation only, ensuring a select group of skilled professionals.

3: Comparing Fiverr and Fiverr Pro

3.1 Eligibility and Onboarding


  • Open to freelancers of all experience levels, from beginners to experts.
  • A straightforward onboarding process that allows quick access to the platform.
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Fiverr Pro:

  • Exclusive and by invitation only.
  • Rigorous vetting process, ensuring only top-tier professionals are accepted.

3.2 Competition and Visibility


  • Increased competition due to its open marketplace.
  • Freelancers need to actively market themselves to gain visibility.

Fiverr Pro:

  • Less competition, as it’s a smaller, exclusive group.
  • Freelancers benefit from a higher level of visibility, thanks to the premium status.

3.3 Pricing and Earnings


  • Freelancers have more control over their pricing.
  • Service rates can vary widely, allowing freelancers to set competitive prices.

Fiverr Pro:

  • Fiverr Pro typically commands higher rates due to the expertise of freelancers.
  • Higher earnings potential for professionals.

4: Deciding Factors

4.1 When to Choose Fiverr

Consider Fiverr when:

  • You are a freelancer at any level, from beginner to expert.
  • You have the time and resources to market your services and compete in a broader marketplace.
  • You prefer to have more control over your pricing.

4.2 When to Choose Fiverr Pro

Consider Fiverr Pro when:

  • You are a highly skilled professional with a strong portfolio.
  • You value exclusivity and recognition within a premium marketplace.
  • You are willing to undergo a rigorous vetting process to join the platform.

5: Frequently Asked Questions

5.1 Can I Switch Between Fiverr and Fiverr Pro?

Freelancers who start on Fiverr can aim to qualify for Fiverr Pro in the future. It’s a path that many experienced freelancers pursue.

5.2 How Does the Vetting Process Work for Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr Pro applicants go through a detailed evaluation, including a review of their work, client feedback, and their ability to offer high-quality services.


In conclusion, the choice between Fiverr and Fiverr Pro depends on your expertise, goals, and willingness to compete. Fiverr Pro offers an exclusive platform for highly skilled professionals seeking recognition and premium clients. Fiverr, on the other hand, is open to freelancers at all levels, providing opportunities for growth and development. Carefully evaluate your skills, portfolio, and objectives to determine which platform aligns with your freelancing career aspirations. Both Fiverr and Fiverr Pro offer valuable avenues for freelancers to showcase their talents and thrive in the world of online freelancing.

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