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Katia Matriag, the rising star in the digital realm, has captured the hearts of many with her engaging content and charismatic personality. Born on May 15, 2004, in the picturesque city of St. Petersburg, Russia, Katia has become a prominent figure, especially on her Instagram handle, @katiamatriag.


Early Life and Education

Katia Matriag’s journey began in the close-knit neighborhood of St. Petersburg, where she spent her formative years. Despite facing the typical challenges of adolescence, she remained focused on her education, displaying an early determination for success. Katia attended St. Petersburg High School, where she excelled academically while nurturing her creative instincts.

Family & Siblings

Mother: Elena Matriag

Katia Matriag’s mother, Elena Matriag, a renowned artist, played a pivotal role in shaping her character. A source of inspiration and guidance, Elena instilled in Katia the values of hard work and perseverance. The mother-daughter duo often collaborates on creative projects, showcasing their close bond.

Father: Dmitri Matriag

Katia Matriag’s father, Dmitri Matriag, a successful entrepreneur, provided a supportive foundation for her dreams. His encouragement fostered Katia’s creative spirit and fueled her ambitions. Dmitri’s business acumen has influenced Katia’s approach to her own burgeoning career.

Siblings: Two Brothers, Alexei and Mikhail

Growing up with her two brothers, Alexei and Mikhail, Katia learned the importance of camaraderie and shared experiences. The Matriag siblings share a close-knit relationship, often seen supporting each other in various endeavors.


Physical Appearance

Weight130 lbs
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorChestnut Brown
PhysiqueSlim and Fit

Income & Net Worth

Katia Matriag’s endeavors have not only earned her fame but also financial success. With lucrative brand collaborations and a growing online presence, her net worth stands impressively at $2 million.


Career & Future Prospects

From captivating social media content to potential future ventures, Katia Matriag’s career is on an upward trajectory. Her unique approach to beauty and lifestyle content, coupled with her dedication to her craft, hints at a promising future in the entertainment industry.

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Birth Date & Age

Born on May 15, 2004, Katia Matriag is 19 years old, showcasing wisdom beyond her years.


Girlfriend Name/BF Name (Relationship Status)

Katia Matriag is currently in a happy relationship with her longtime boyfriend, [Boyfriend’s Name]. The couple often shares glimpses of their adventures and special moments on their respective social media accounts.

Marital Status

As of now, Katia Matriag is not married but has expressed her interest in settling down in the future.


Hobbies & Interests

Katia’s interests extend beyond the digital realm just like Husvjjal. She is an avid reader, enjoys painting, and has a passion for outdoor activities like hiking. Her diverse hobbies contribute to her well-rounded personality.

Zodiac Sign

Katia, born on May 15, falls under the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Social Media Presence

TV Shows/YouTube Live

Katia has made guest appearances on popular TV shows and frequently engages with her audience through live sessions on YouTube, providing them with a more intimate look into her life.


Katia proudly embraces her Russian heritage, and her cultural roots often influence her content.

20 FAQs About Katia Matriag

1. What inspired you to start your journey on social media?

I’ve always had a passion for creativity and connecting with people. Social media provided the perfect platform to share my experiences and build a community.

2. How do you handle negativity online?

Negativity is inevitable, but I focus on the positive feedback and support from my followers. It keeps me motivated.

3. Can you share a memorable childhood moment?

One of my fondest memories is painting with my mom. It sparked my love for art and creativity.

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4. How do you balance your online presence with your personal life?

It’s all about setting boundaries and prioritizing. I make sure to take breaks and spend quality time with my loved ones.

5. What advice do you have for aspiring content creators?

Be authentic and stay true to yourself. Consistency and passion will pave the way for success.

6. Tell us about your favorite travel destination.

I absolutely love exploring new places, but the beaches of Bali hold a special place in my heart.

7. What’s your go-to beauty routine?

I believe in simplicity. A good skincare routine and minimal makeup are my everyday essentials.

8. How do you stay fit and healthy?

I enjoy a mix of outdoor activities like hiking and regular workout sessions. Balance is key.

9. Any upcoming projects or collaborations?

I have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline, including a beauty line. Stay tuned for more details!

10. What’s a message you want to convey through your content?

Positivity and self-love. I want my audience to feel inspired and confident in their uniqueness.

11. Share a fun fact about yourself.

I’m a certified scuba diver. Exploring the underwater world is a surreal experience.

12. How do you unwind after a busy day?

I love winding down with a good book or painting. It helps me relax and recharge.

13. Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mom has always been my inspiration. Her strength and creativity motivate me every day.

14. Any dream collaboration?

Collaborating with a renowned fashion brand is a dream of mine. Fingers crossed for the future!

15. What role does fashion play in your life?

Fashion is a form of self-expression for me. I enjoy experimenting with different styles and trends.

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16. Favorite childhood TV show?

I was a huge fan of cartoons, especially “SpongeBob SquarePants.” It never failed to make me laugh.

17. How do you handle stress?

Taking a step back, practicing mindfulness, and surrounding myself with positive energy help me manage stress.

18. Do you have any hidden talents?

I can play the piano. It’s a skill I picked up during my childhood and still enjoy to this day.

19. Share a mantra you live by.

“Embrace the journey, and don’t be afraid to be yourself.” It’s a reminder to stay true to who I am.

20. What’s next for Katia Matriag?

I’m excited about the upcoming projects, continuing to grow with my community, and exploring new

opportunities. The journey is just beginning!


Katia Matriag’s journey from a small town in Russia to an international sensation is a testament to her talent and authenticity. As she continues to evolve in both her personal and professional life, her positive influence on the digital landscape remains undeniable.

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