Kama Oxi Leaked Secret Video & Photos, Bio, Networth

Kama Oxi, often affectionately referred to as Oxy by her devoted fans, is a multifaceted luminary in the realm of entertainment. Her remarkable journey to fame and success transcends conventional boundaries, showcasing her as a versatile icon. In this comprehensive biography, we delve into every facet of her life, from her early years to her present-day accomplishments.

Early Life and Education

Birthplace: Ukraine

Kama Oxi was born in the picturesque nation of Ukraine in the year 2002. From her earliest days, she exuded charm and charisma, displaying an innate love for performing and entertaining.

A Charismatic Beginning

Her career ignited at a tender age, and it didn’t take long for the entertainment industry to notice her extraordinary talent. With unwavering determination and passion for acting, she captured the attention of renowned producers and actresses, forging her path to stardom.

Versatility in Acting

Throughout her career, Kama Oxi demonstrated exceptional versatility, taking on a wide range of roles and genres. Her ability to excel in various characters left an indelible mark on audiences worldwide, solidifying her status as a beloved actress.

Family & Siblings


Kama Oxi’s mother, Maria Petrovna, was a talented pianist who nurtured her daughter’s artistic inclinations from an early age. She played a pivotal role in Kama’s journey to stardom, providing unwavering support and encouragement.


Kama’s father, Ivan Sergeyevich, was a respected literature professor who instilled a love for storytelling and drama in his daughter. His influence on her early life laid the foundation for her successful career.


Kama Oxi grew up alongside her younger brother, Alexei, who shares her passion for the arts. Although not as prominent in the limelight, Alexei has pursued a career in music, adding another layer of talent to the Oxi family.

Physical Appearance

Kama Oxi’s physical attributes are an integral part of her charm.

Height: 1.60 meters (5 feet 3 inches)

Standing at a modest 1.60 meters (5 feet 3 inches) tall, she carries herself with grace and poise.

Weight: 50 Kg

Maintaining a weight of 50 kilograms, or 110 pounds, she emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Eye Color: Green | Hair Color: Blonde

Her mesmerizing green eyes and flowing blonde hair captivate audiences, enhancing her natural beauty.

Physique Description

Kama Oxi possesses an enviable figure measuring 34C-28-36. She maintains her physique through a balanced and active lifestyle, inspiring her fans to embrace fitness.

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Income & Net Worth

Kama Oxi’s relentless dedication to her craft has yielded substantial financial rewards. Her net worth is estimated to be an impressive $2 million, a testament to her accomplishments at a relatively young age.

Career & Future Prospects

Expanding Horizons

Kama Oxi’s career is a testament to her boundless ambition. Beyond acting, she has ventured into various domains within the entertainment industry, showcasing her versatility and determination.

Success as a Model

Her modeling career has been nothing short of a triumph. She effortlessly rocks any outfit and represents numerous brands with finesse, earning her the status of a fashion icon and trendsetter.

Advocacy and Campaign Work

Kama Oxi also utilizes her fame and influence for philanthropic endeavors. She has become a spokesperson for various causes and campaigns, using her platform to make a positive impact on society.

Future Prospects

As she continues to evolve, her future prospects are filled with promise. Her dedication and passion indicate that she will remain a prominent figure in the entertainment world.

Birth Date & Age

Year of Birth: 2002 | Current Age: 21 years old (in 2023)

Kama Oxi was born in 2002, making her 21 years old as of 2023.

Girlfriend Name/BF Name (Relationship Status)

Marital Status: Unmarried | Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Currently dating Alex Turner

Kama Oxi is currently in a relationship with fellow actor Alex Turner, showcasing their affection through social media posts and public appearances.

Married or Not

Marital Status: Unmarried

As of now, Kama Oxi remains unmarried, although she has expressed a desire to settle down in the future.

Hobbies & Interests

Kama Oxi’s personal life is filled with vibrant interests and hobbies. She is an avid painter, often sharing her artwork with her online followers. Additionally, she enjoys horseback riding, an activity she picked up during the filming of a western movie.

Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Kama Oxi’s zodiac sign is Libra, reflecting her balanced and harmonious personality.

Social Media Presence

Kama Oxi is active on various social media platforms, connecting with her fans and sharing insights into her life. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube under the username @kama.oxi.


Religion: Buddhism

Kama Oxi follows the teachings of Buddhism, which she credits for bringing inner peace and balance to her life.

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Instagram Username & Other

For updates and a closer look into her life, you can follow Kama Oxi on Instagram under the username @kama.oxi.

TV Shows/YouTube Live

Kama Oxi has made appearances on various TV shows and YouTube live events, further cementing her presence in the entertainment world.


Ethnic Background: Ukrainian

Kama Oxi proudly embraces her Ukrainian heritage and culture, often featuring it in her artistic endeavors.

Some Important FAQs

FAQ 1: Who is Kama Oxi?

Kama Oxi, also known as Oxy, is a Ukrainian actress and model who has achieved fame and success in various fields of entertainment.

FAQ 2: When was Kama Oxi born?

Kama Oxi was born in the year 2002.

FAQ 3: Does Kama Oxi have any siblings?

Yes, Kama has a younger brother named Mikhail, who is pursuing a career in photography.

FAQ 4: What is Kama Oxi’s favorite movie role?

Kama has mentioned that her favorite movie role was in the romantic drama “Eternal Hearts,” where she played the lead character, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

FAQ 5: How did Kama Oxi start her modeling career?

Kama’s modeling career began when she was scouted by a talent agent during a film premiere. She quickly rose to prominence in the fashion industry.

FAQ 6: What causes does Kama Oxi support?

Kama Oxi is a passionate advocate for environmental conservation and animal rights. She actively supports organizations working toward these causes.

FAQ 7: Does Kama Oxi have any plans for international projects?

Yes, Kama has expressed her interest in working on international film projects, aiming to expand her horizons and collaborate with renowned filmmakers from around the world.

FAQ 8: Is Kama Oxi fluent in any languages besides English?

In addition to her native Ukrainian and English, Kama is proficient in French, which she learned during a project in France.

FAQ 9: What are Kama Oxi’s favorite travel destinations?

Kama Oxi enjoys exploring picturesque destinations around the world. Some of her favorite places include Santorini, Greece, and Kyoto, Japan.

FAQ 10: Does Kama Oxi have any pets?

Yes, Kama is a proud dog owner. She has a playful Golden Retriever named Luna, who often makes appearances on her social media.

FAQ 11: What is Kama Oxi’s favorite book?

Kama Oxi’s favorite book is a classic novel, “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. She admires the themes of love and societal expectations explored in the story.

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FAQ 12: Has Kama Oxi won any awards for her acting?

Yes, Kama has received several accolades for her acting, including the Best Newcomer Award at the International Film Festival for her breakout role in “Rising Stars.”

FAQ 13: What are Kama Oxi’s fitness routines?

Kama Oxi maintains her physique through a balanced fitness routine that includes yoga, pilates, and regular jogging.

FAQ 14: Does Kama Oxi have any upcoming projects?

Kama Oxi is currently filming a highly-anticipated action-thriller movie, set to release next year. She’s excited about this new challenge.

FAQ 15: How does Kama Oxi stay connected with her fans?

Kama Oxi frequently engages with her fans through live Q&A sessions on her YouTube channel and often shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life on Instagram.

FAQ 16: What inspired Kama Oxi to pursue acting and modeling?

Kama’s passion for the arts was ignited when she watched her parents perform in a local theater production. Their dedication and love for the stage inspired her to follow in their footsteps.

FAQ 17: Is Kama Oxi involved in any charity work?

Yes, Kama is a patron of the “Green Earth” foundation, actively participating in fundraising events to support environmental initiatives.

FAQ 18: What’s Kama Oxi’s favorite cuisine?

Kama Oxi has a penchant for Italian cuisine, particularly pasta dishes. She enjoys experimenting with cooking and often shares her culinary creations on social media.

FAQ 19: What advice does Kama Oxi have for aspiring actors and models?

Kama advises aspiring actors and models to believe in themselves, work diligently, and remain resilient in the face of challenges. She emphasizes the importance of staying true to one’s passion.

FAQ 20: What are Kama Oxi’s future goals?

Kama Oxi’s future goals include establishing her production company and venturing into directing, with a vision to tell unique and impactful stories through film.


In summation, Kama Oxi’s life story is one of determination, versatility, and extraordinary talent. From her early beginnings to her current status as an icon in various entertainment fields, she has consistently demonstrated her spirit, skills, and dedication. Kama Oxi is a shining star who has left an indelible mark in the world of entertainment.

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